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By Perminus Wainaina 

You could be looking for a job for months or years with no success, yet some professionals seem to move from one job to another with little to no effort.

What do these top professionals have that the rest lack?

What is their secret?

Judy, who has been looking for a job for eight months, was frustrated that her efforts didn’t result in anything.

“I have been applying to every job I meet the qualifications and yet, not a single response.” says Judy during our one on one career coaching session.

After Judy had exhausted her options she still didn’t have a job –or any leads. This is when she decided to have a career coaching session to get a better perspective on what it is she was doing wrong.

Countless professionals are trying to apply for jobs every day. While some are successful, a majority make applications that go unanswered.

Are you part of this group?

Have you been trying to get a job with no luck?

Have you been making applications without the employers getting back to you?

What is the issue, and how can you increase your chances of getting the jobs you apply to?

Before answering this, I’d like to engage you for a moment.

When you’re buying fruits, what do you look for?

In most cases, you’ll check if the fruits are fresh if they are ripe if they have any marks or dents, and their price.

This is essentially what the employer does when you apply for a job.

The same way you look at how suitable a fruit is is how the employer looks at your suitability for the job.

This selection process is what determines how employable you are and is referred to as your employability score.

In other words, employability is your ability to successfully get a job.

What is your employability score?

There is no one test to measure how employable you are. However, while you’re applying for a job, you can gauge where you lie on the employability scale.

For instance, there are those professionals who are always being headhunted. Even when they’re working, they’ll be approached by other firms who want these professionals to work for them.

There are two sides of a coin, and the other side of this example is those professionals who can’t seem to find a job despite how hard they try.

These professionals can make a thousand applications, but few of them will bear any fruits.

So I pose the question again, how employable are you?

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