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By Perminus Wainaina 


This is a term you will rarely hear in a professional setup.

Relationships, however, have a part to play when it comes to your career growth and success.

Anthony, during our one on one career coaching session, expressed his frustration of not getting a job for the last two years.

“I always receive job alerts, and when I think I’m qualified, I apply to the job. Unfortunately, out of the dozens of job applications I have made in the last two years, I have only been invited to three interviews.” says Anthony.

When I asked him why he thinks he doesn’t get shortlisted, he confidently replied, “Nowadays if you don’t have a godfather somewhere, it’s not easy even to secure an interview.”

Is Anthony right?

Do you need a godfather to help you secure a job?

A godfather is someone who holds a position of influence and can open doors for you.

Unfortunately, we may not all have connections to the top managers and CEOs of these organizations. So does that mean all is lost?

Read on for tips on How To Network With People Who Can Help You Progress In Your Career